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I am jealous of my wife's success
(2021/03/25, 09:02 PM)Gherfri Wrote:
(2020/10/03, 12:28 PM)newby Wrote: I've been married to my wife for over twenty years. She is really successful in her career and as a mum. I haven't done bad, but I am in her shadow. All the things that attracted her to me now make me feel deficient. I am worried it'll cause an unhealable rift between us. I know it's illogical but I can't help myself. What can I do?

This is about how you feel about your own life. If you can, challenge yourself with something new like a hobby or a course. It should help.

I would second that but also add that it may be worth talking about this issue to her, you may find it will open up a positive conversation that will make to you both feel better (and better understand one another)

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I am jealous of my wife's success - by newby - 2020/10/03, 12:28 PM
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